Char a Bancs


Char a Bancs is a souvenir Board Game

Malta's Buses were known as Xarabanks

which is the phonetic translation of the French

Char a bancs literally meaning a

carriage with benches.


The game recreates all the traditional bus routes

in the early 60's passing through various towns

and villages.

The terminuses are coloured in their respective

livery while pass through places are

represented with the local council emblems

The scope of the game is to carry as many

passengers along your assigned route to

Valletta and back.

The Game includes an A3 board,

4 miniature Metal Buses

(Authentic Dodge/Bedford/Thames)

Pack of Passenger Cards

Pack of Chance Cards

A very limited edition was launched
at the Christmas Fair and were sold out.

But we will soon be printing out more.

The game was submitted for the
Gieh L'Artigjanat Malti were it was awarded Finalist

Link to video presentation



The collection may be viewed at Pace Models
Old Theatre street Valletta

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